Create Windows 10 Setup USB Flash Drive

Create your own Windows 10 setup USB flash drive for future installation:

1) Obtain Windows 10 Product key using Belarc Advisor (
2) Go to
3) Click on Download Tool Now (64-bit version) – for 64bit windows.
4) Run MediaCreationToolx64.exe
5) Select Create installation media for another PC
6) Select Language, Edition and Architecture based on your Windows
7) Select USB flash Drive
8) Follow on-screen steps


Upgrade to Windows 10 manually

Some of the users didn’t receive the Window 10 upgrade alert (GWX) on their taskbar. Therefore not able to upgrade to Windows 10.

There is another way to upgrade your Windows:
1) Go to
2) Click on Download Tool Now (64-bit version) – for 64bit windows. You can check it by going to Control Panel, System. There will show you your Windows edition and System Type.
3) Run MediaCreationToolx64.exe
4) Select Upgrade this PC now and click Next
5) Follow on-screen to complete your Windows upgrade
6) After Windows upgrade, remember to save a copy of your computer info (which includes Windows Product key) using Belarc Advisor (