Restart SAPB1 services daily

Issue: Our SAP B1 often has login issue; users will be prompted for Server’s IP when they run the program. It means that SAP B1’s one of the services is not running properly.
Suggestion from our vendor’s SAP Consultant is to restart TAO NT Naming Service (restart this service, other services – SAP Business One BackUp Service and SAP Business One License Manager will also restart).
No permanent solution from our vendor The World Management Pte Ltd.
Hope they don’t sue me.

Workaround solution:
Created a batch file that schedule to run before office starts work.

REM_Stop Services_
sc stop SBOMail
sc stop TAO_NT_Naming_service
timeout /t 10
REM_Start Services_
sc start SBOMail
sc start TAO_NT_Naming_Service
REM_Output results to a text file
del c:\temp\run.txt /F
sc query SBOMail > C:\temp\run.txt
sc query TAO_NT_Naming_Service >>C:\temp\run.txt

Beside login issue, I also facing Purchasing users unable to send fax or email from SAP B1, therefore I need to restart SBOMail service.

Last two lines are to output results to a text file, for fun only.


Company logo on header when open blank Excel

Issue: User wants to have company logo on header when he opens blank Excel 2010.

1) Open Excel 2010
2) Click on Insert tab, click on Header & Footer in Text Column
3) Click on Picture in Header & Footer Elements column to select picture for header
4) Click on Format Picture in Header & Footer Elements to adjust the picture’s size    if it is too big.
5) Click on File, Save
Filename must be Book.xltx
Save as type is Excel Template (*.xltx)
6) Save location must be C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\XLSTART
7) Click Save
8) Close all Excel files and open Excel 2010 again.


Recall sent email (Exchange)

If you have sent wrong email to your colleague or forgot to add attachment, you can recall back the email to re-send again:

1) Open the email in the Sent Items
2) Click on Message tab, Move group’s Actions
3) Select Recall This Message & click OK


” You can’t recall messages sent to email addresses outside your organization.”